I was thinking of perhaps making a page for the series "Kokuhaku no Oto" (in case you don't know, that's the name of the series by HoneyWorks, with songs like "Confession rehearsal"). There wasn't a page for that yet, or at least none that I have found.

There's a lot of information about the characters on HoneyWorks website:

(translated here:

Songs in the series:

-First Love Picture Book (+arrangement)

-Confession Rehearsal + Confession Rehearsal -another story-

-A Solution for Jealousy + A Solution for Jealousy -another story-

-Embarrassment-Hiding Adolescence

-Diagnosis: Lovesickness

-Confession Rival Declaration

-A Teacher, Detained

A Comic, Vomic and Novel also exist.

Here's basically all the information available but I thought it might be good to have a page on this wiki:

What do you think? Do we need that?

I've never made a page before, though (or even really edited one since I'm completely new, nice to meet you all, btw), so it would be great if I could get some help or at least advice.


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