Hello, i'm a new guy around here.....well......not that new, i've been following this Wikia for a long time, just haven't edit much......this is also my first blog around i think i should make a short introduction of myself, i'm Iamnoone, i'm an overseas fan, currently living in Vietnam, before that i lived in Manhattan, New York, for a long time.

I hope that's enough infos about me, i don't want to reveal too much about my real life, because this is the Internet, duh.

OK, back to the topic

I don't know if this type of thing popular in other fandoms, but, in Vietnam, there's a "Vocaloid Confession" page on Facebook, in here people usually criticizes or praises works of Vocaloid Users in Vietnam, or simply just to express someone love for a Vocaloid by using a link, people write their confession and send it to that link, and few days later, it'll be posted on the page. Recently, there was a confession criticizes a Vocaloid User called "Miro-P" for using Pocaloid, usages of other people works without their owners's acception. (PVs, Images, translated the Lyrics into Vietnamese then use Vocaloids to cover it, if you can't understand what i'm talking about, take JubyPhonic as an example, she translated the lyrics into English and cover it herself), the Confession's Owner (Not the one who upload the confession, but the confession's writer) said that Miro didn't deserve the title "Producer", asking him to stop using it. And of course, people starting to heavily debate about the confession, some protect Miro-P, other agreed with the Owner, some are Neutral, blah blah.......

And then there was this guy, a guy who call himself "Naga-P", said that he's the instructor of Miro-P, he gave Miro-P the copyrighted Voicebanks to use and he said that he left the Vocaloid Fandom for a long time, he teached Miro how to use Vocaloid and stuffs

It may sounded so calm and easy in here, but it's not, the way that guy talk really pissed me off, so i decided to investigate about this "Naga-P" 

At first, i was curious, 25 Voicebanks are very expensive, and he just bought it and give it to other people? So i asked if he can show me the picture of those Voicebanks, and what i got is a picture of Rana from this blog:

I don't know for sure if it his blog or not, but if it was his blog, then.....where're the other voicebanks? I asked him again and he said he's currently using 3G and refused to give me any picture. 

Secondly, i cheked his Facebook for further details, apparently he uploaded alot of other people's works and claimed that it was he who made them, like this (Yes, his Facebook name is Nagara Thắng):

If i'm not wrong, this's a song from Doriko and sung by ChouCho, depsite having a strong and manly voice, ChouCho is actually a girl! And this guy, a male, said that he's the one who sung and wrote this song!

Another example, in the comment section, he said that he made the instrumental (Guitar) for this cover, he didn't say anything about the singer though, i don't know for sure if it was his or somebody else,  so if anybody know, if this actually his, or somebody else, please let me know 

I've screencaped every single comment he made, but it's all in Vietnamese though

The reason why i posted this here, is to ask you guys for help, i want to bring this guy to the light, stop him from lying and blind other people, Naga-P. Also i want to here your thought on this case, if he stubborn enough to keep on lying the Vietnamese Fandom, let see how he react when this case is brought to the International Fandom.

PS: I readed the infos on Category: Producer, apparently there're alot of criticizes about his tunning and quality, some still thing it's fine though, and to be honest, i don't even know who the hell is "Miro-P" until this confession come up, depsite following this fandom since 2009.

There's also this picture, which someone asked Naga-P where he got the Voicebanks and he said that it was Vnsharing is where he downloaded the voicebanks, are these enough to make this "Producer" guilty? I can't even find any information about this guy, no Nico Nico Douga Channel, no nothing!

Here's the link to the confession if you guys want to take a look and translate it yourself, his account is Nagara Thắng:

And here's the link for VietVocaloid Youtube Channel:

As far as i can see, they does give credits to the original in the description section, i don't know if it still violating the copyrights of the original or not.......also the confession DID mention the copyrights problem, and Miro-P DID noticed the confession, but his answer was "về việc có bản quyền hay không, bộ bạn là mình hả" (Roughly Translate: About the copyrights, have it or not, you can't tell, because you isn't me)

Thank you alot for your help, i really appreciate it and sorry if my grammars suck

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