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February 7, 2014
  • I live in En France, À Grenoble
  • My occupation is Collégien
  • I am Homme ♂
  • Ian Scarlett

    Yup I love this xD I will expose my thoughts and opinions about my dislikes and my favorites Vocaloids!


    Impressive Engloid. She has a voicetype that I wanted and requested a long time in Engloids, she's not nasally like Ruby, CYVA or DEX, she's very clear despite her flaws, quite agressive, pretty lisp and has a special vocal trait that I actually never seen in an Engloid. Many ppl don't like her cause she's a bit "normal" compared to other releases ( or she sounds similar to AVANNA or CYVA WTF??), but it's this fact I like in her. I quite love her, and I really enjoy her characteristics.


    Again, really impressive Vocaloid. Quite compared to other loids (especially galaco, kokone and Chika) but still quite again. She sounds really …

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  • Ian Scarlett


    I debate all the time to know why I like her so much. BUT I DON'T KNOW ._. The first time I listened, I was "cool ah, another female engloid V4" but I prefered her to Dex because he's just perfect but boring. Dex is the male Vocaloid that all the English companies wanted to have bla bla.

    So, I turn on Daina. I think I like her because the design is really appealing. To have waiting so long for have a Vocaloid with pants, and orange hair, I know what I say. For voice, I'm not sure.

    1) Because I love her (well I will not lie to you, but Daina's all I wanted in a Engloid)

    2) Because the existence of Ruby and CYVA affects me (totally) on her voice. If CYBER DIVA and Ruby doesn't exist, I think I'd like a little less Daina. Ruby and CYVA are t…

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