aka Japan-chan~

  • I live in AMERICAH
  • My occupation is Being A Japan Fan-Girl, Hetalia Nerd
  • I am Otaku Girl
  • Ichigo-Chan

    You can type any producer you know, to Toraboruta-P to Doofus-P, you can name any.

    Never heard of Doofus-P? Shame on you. ಠ_ಠ Just kidding, but his dA account is still there. His Youtube, is not. His hit songs are Circus Monster and iNsAnItY. just look it up on Youtube.

    His dA account is DaDoofus.

    Good Luck deciding!

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  • Ichigo-Chan

    Hi! I'm Ichigo-Chan, and I love vocaloid and UTAU. I love all vocaloids except for Leon, Lola, and Miriam. They're too old for me. (Sorry Zero-G....)

    I also love anime like Lucky Star, Ouran High School Host Club, Shugo Chara, Sailor Moon, and more!

    I have no UTAUs or Vocaloids. I do have MikuMikuDance and Step Mania, though.

    I love Wikis!

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