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My 1 year anniversary!

Today marks the day of my 1 year anniversary of becoming a fan of Vocaloid, and so I decided to finally make an account on the wiki.  So much has passed since that time, and I continue to find more and more songs that I love.  At first, I thought that Vocaloid will just be another fleeting interest (I lose interest in things VERY easily) but an entire year tells me it's something that will stick for a long time.  I'm not new to the fandom, but I am new to using the wikia so I won't be able to edit pages for a while (since I still don't know how to edit properly).

Now onto the story of how I became a Vocaloid fan:

My first encounter with Vocaloid was actually all the way back in early 2009.  I was an ignorant, stubborn teen who refused to do further research.  At that time, I only knew about Miku and the Kagamines and I thought they sounded like robotic dying chipmunks on helium (no offense to anyone who likes them, I promise that I don't think of them that way anymore!).  Because of that, I was anti-Vocaloid for a very long time.  Had I known about Sweet Ann back then, I would have been a fan but I had no idea that Engloids existed.  The CFM Vocaloids were the reason that I avoided everything Vocaloid for so many years (which I regret, looking back).  Even now, I am still not very fond of the "Big 8" because most of them have high pitched, unrealistic voices.

I admit that I was still hesitant about listening to Vocaloid music last year.  It was only by accident that I rediscovered Vocaloid while doing a "related videos journey" on Youtube.  However, this encounter was much more pleasant.  I had stumbled upon VY2v3's Cendrillon demo, and I thought the voices and singing were very nice.  I decided to Google more about VY2v3, which I thought was a stage name.  To my surprise, it was a Vocaloid and my first thought was "Wow, Vocaloid sure has changed!"  Through this accidental discovery, I decided I should actually do some research.  I felt terrible when I found out that there was more to Vocaloid than just Miku and the Kagamines during my first encounter.  Now I know better, and there many Vocaloids that I love.  VY2 will always have a special place in my heart since that is the Vocaloid that got me interested.  Some other Vocaloids that I like include: Sweet Ann, VY1, Yukari, Oliver, Kiyoteru, Yuki, Avanna, Iroha, Yohioloid, Big Al, Merli, Flower, Dex, Daina (I might be missing a few more).

I'm glad to finally interact with the fandom, and hopefully I'm here to stay.  Let's get along!

My question to you is : How did you become a fan of Vocaloid?

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