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Jjmae98 April 13, 2014 User blog:Jjmae98

Dell's point of view

"Mai." I shook her shoulder. She was still asleep. I took her phone from next to her. "I should tell her parents she fell asleep." I said to myself. "Why do you make me do this?" I asked Mai while she was asleep. I called her parents. "Please not her dad." I whispered waiting for an answer. "Hello." Mai's dad answered. "Really..." "Hello sir it's Dell." I said. "Dell?" What are you doing with Mai's phone?" He asked. "She fell asleep I just wanted you to know she's here and okay." I said. "Oh thank you. If she's still asleep tonight I'll come get her." Mai's dad said. "No... Sorry. She's okay here really. I'll sleep on the floor or couch it's fine." I said. "Um are you sure?" He asked. "Yes sir." I said. "It will be fine she'll come back safe." "It's not that I don't trust you. Just don't do anything funny." Her dad said. "I know sir I wouldn't even think of it." I said. "Good take care of her. Talk to you later Honne." Her dad said. "Okay sir." I said. I hung up. I put her phone back on my bed next to Mai. I sighed. Then Haku came in the room. "De-De-Dell where's_" Haku said. "Shh Haku!" I interrupted. She saw Mai on the bed. "Where is my beer?" Haku asked quieter. I looked at her. "It's in your hand. Go mess with Deruko or something. I said. Haku left the room. I rolled my eyes. I looked at Mai. I moved a piece of her hair off her face. "You sure bring the better out of me and everyone." I said to her while she slept. Mai turn over on the bed. I got up and left the room. I headed to Deruko room. I stood in Deruko's doorway. "So Mai is staying over." I said. "Haku said she fell asleep." Deruko said. "Yeah. Her parents know." I said. "How are you going to get a girlfriend if you just put them to sleep." Deruko said. "What?!" I asked. "You heard me." Deruko said. "We can't date. I don't like anyone really." I said. Deruko crossed her arms and looked at me. "Everyone know that is the biggest lie." She said. "So." I said. "Your doing it to not bring her down huh Dell-kun." Deruko said. "Yeah. I guess she knows she can't or really any of us." I said. "I'm going outside." I walked outside and pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke. I pulled out my phone to look at the time. 5:37 and one unread message from Meito. "Hey Dell did you go to the concert/birthday party?" Meito texted. I texted back. "Yes" I continued to smoke.

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