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The song list. i am dissapoint


i am dissapoint.

i was browsing the miku list, and to be honest, i am very dissapoint. you dont even have yume no tsuzuki? tsk tsk.. not to worry! i have a collection of about 284 vocaloid songs and i browse youtube for them quite frequently. when i get the chance, i will be making quite a few contributions to a few of the song list pages. for instance, i just added 6 new songs to the song list (there will be more to come so dont forget to check it out my blog activities), including "yume no tsuzuki" (translates to "thread of a dream") and "how did this happen?". be sure to tell your friends about this blog so they too can help contribute! (they may have songs that i dont and have more free time to update the wikia). as for now, sayounara!

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