• K4KING

    (Did I type that title right? Eh......I'm loosing my mind. Too overjoyed that I can't think straight)

    Well it'll be live for 3 days.

    I'll be on it, especially since there is the Kokoro part and Cantarella one that catches my attention!!!

    Meet you there, if you liek to listen.

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  • K4KING

    Song Pages, and Notable Pages have been edited wonderfully and beautifully.

    I need to give credit to people who I've seen doing it, namely Adept, Esperancia, Yuki, and Unknown.

    You four have been a wonderful help. Sadly, i can't say the same for me. I can't give a proper excuse of my neglect on translating the rest of the song pages.

    So what are we here to discuss? Mainly the next step.

    I'm kinda the head-honcho(sort of) but I know Bunai and Angel have power over me, when in terms of editing song pages. Adept has done well in adding trivia and adding some videos on some song pages, while making it more entertaining. Esperancia has been on another work lately, Vocaloidlyricswikia. Although it is still tentative, I have a grand plan on utilizing…

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  • K4KING

    Lately, there has been a rise in Fans in the West thanks to the concert by Miku. Now, We have a LOT more fans coming from the west, and the rest of the world is following up.

    What's surprising right now is, as the fans grow the number of stupidity also grows. As of late, thanks to Miku's Popularity, some fans have already made mistakes in stating who she is, has failed to tell what is her purpose and even compared her as the best Vocaloid ever. Fans also are MORE obscure as to WHO made the songs, rather than who sang it.

    I've been going around sites and blogs, and most of them fail to credit the Producer who made the song, or the illustrator of the song. They just mention this was sung by Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin etc. It worries me that pr…

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  • K4KING

    In case anyone is wondering

    September 10, 2011 by K4KING

    That I'm gonna have two pretty different IP addresses, if you decide to think which is mine or not.

    What's the point of this blog? I dunno. To let you know I'm gonna go back to the Philippines where my IP add is different than the one I'm accessing here? Pretty much it

    Anyway, I congratulate Esperancia, Adept, Yuki, and the Admins. Thank you very much. You have no idea how much happy I am right now. :D


    Internet speed and Philippines = Stupid

    It seems My internet speed, is making me....laggy. trying to edit a page takes me like, an hour. =_='

    the effect for a cheap internet speed does this. Not to mention i have things to do, so I'll edit what I can. the rest of those in the league of editing pages, you can go ahead, but I'm always watchi…

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  • K4KING

    What makes a Song Notable?

    August 31, 2011 by K4KING

    Now that I have the confidence to implement my idea for song pages, what's left is to discuss what makes a song notable.

    There are lots of songs in Vocaloid, that are wonderful to listen too, unique to the person who understands it and the illustrator who drew a PV of it. But out of the songs, are Songs that stand out that are popular.

    Notable Songs, are songs that have surpassed a degree that it always grabs the attention of the listener, and then sings the song with expression, to make the person more motivated.

    As I have been a fan since 2007, I have grown to love all songs of all sources. It shows how the composer feels, how it is portrayed or how it is messaged. Which comes to the point of the Blog. What makes a Song, a Notable, Song.

    A …

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