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  • Kajiki

    Nearly three years later, here's a list of ~40% of named Vocaloids:

    Maika / Meiko / miki / Miku

    Len / Leon / Ling / Rana / Rin / Ring / Rion / (Anri) Rune

    (Sweet) Ann / anon / Avanna / Nana

    Yumemi (Nemu) / Yuu / Uni (Yuni) / Una

    Yuki / Yukari

    Mayu / Mew (Miu)

    Lola / Lorra

    Kyo / Kiyoteru

    Cocorobo / kokone

    Chika / Sachiko

    I ship CUL with Arsloid and Fukase.

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  • Kajiki


    August 6, 2015 by Kajiki

    pink everywhere


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  • Kajiki

    Fun with machines

    February 28, 2015 by Kajiki

    This is a song using Miriam.

    The lyrics are in the constructed language lojban. One feature of lojban is that it's very easy to randomly generate a variety of grammatically valid sentences (of course, they're still gibberish). The melody is constructed as well, the notes are assigned by vowel sound. The instrumentation and tuning are human made, however.

    This is a Gackpoid haiku service.

    You input hiragana and Gackpoid sings it back to you to a few premade melodies. You don't have to stick to haiku either, as little as one syllable per line works fine. Simple, stupid fun for a bit.

    Theoretically, it should be possible to combine these two ideas to output a flood of robotic nonsense songs. Let's hope nobody actually does that...

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  • Kajiki

    Vocaloid was used to finish this unrecorded song. Pretty cool. Catchy as hell too.

    Co Gal by hide, with hide

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  • Kajiki

    This is what synthetic singing sounded like back in the 90's:

    Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song (Skip to 2:55 if you want to miss a good song.)

    My intro to this subject was Kelly's MacinSinger. It's amazingly still available for download, but you need Hypercard and Mac OS 7-9. If you at least have the latter in some form and an old copy of Netscape, you could also try this.

    You may think making a VSQX seems pretty laborious, but that's peanuts to MacinTalk 3. The only input method was to write pitch, tempo and phoneme instructions manually into a text editor, then you'd highlight the text and pick one of a few halfway passable voices. It was totally the coolest thing EVER. At least good for 15 minutes of fun or so.

    Pretty amazing how far we've …

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