Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

aka Utahime-chan

  • I live in The World of PriPara
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Playing video games and watching anime
  • I am a Female
  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    The Truth

    August 10, 2016 by Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    Hey, guys. It's been a while since I've posted a blog. Anyways, I wanted to tell you something that is 2-years-old and a bit outdated.

    So, remember the RP 'incident' that took place in back in April of 2014? Well, the truth is *I* was the one who made the accounts.

    Lemme explain: I first joined the Wiki at the age of 16. Back then, I was only an amateur. And, well, like most bored teenagers/amatuers, they can do dumb stuff and jerk moves. So, because my brain was so small and didn't think straight, I made 4.5 accounts, plus my this one (aka, my REAL account), because of my boredom. And, I'll admit, it was the most immature thing I've ever done. And, yes, after being blocked (the four accounts), I did admit that what I did was wrong, so I wan…

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  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    Hey guys.

    December 8, 2015 by Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    Sorry I was inactive, I had other stuff to do. I promise I'll be more active during the development of PDX.

    What made me come back? Well, I was playing PDF2nd for the Vita and recently cought Project mirai DX and I thought, "Shoot. I haven't been active for quite sometime." So here I am. Anyway, I better keep being active on the Wiki more often.

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  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    I have a REALLY big problem:

    I spend ALL day downloading music from not just iTunes, but also other sites liek myfreemp3. I also download movies from other sites like YouTube. And I sync songs from a CD / DVD player. But today, I made a HUGE mistake. I don't know what happend, but aside from the ones I downloaded on iTunes,


    This is a BIG problem! Now, I have to re-download them. But I don't wanna do that because it will take, like, THE WHOLE SUMMER to do that. I need another way to get them back. SO I have a question (and I need to say it in all caps because this is a huge emergency):


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  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    EDIT: The issue has been resolved. No need for help, now! ^_^ But I'm glad to be back in the Wiki. :) I am SO sorry for being inactive for a long time. I have been busy with school and all kinds of other stuff. Anyway, I have a problem with Twitter (@HiroseTakane). Here's the problem:

    When I retwitted 3 Mikagura stuff, my account was locked. I'm trying to figure out why. When I try to unlock it, they demand my number. WHAT THE CRAP, TWITTER?! I CAN'T DO THAT!! MY MOM WOULD BE MAD AT ME (Becuase I don't have a phone, but SHE does. If she finds out, I'm screwed)! Ahem, anyway, I also heard that everyone elses account is being locked, too for some reason. I just need to know why my account- No... EVERYONE'S account is locked for no reason.

    Can y…

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  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    Okay, so about a week ago, I got Project DIVA F 2nd for the PS Vita (NA ver.) and well...

    I enjoyed it. Anyway, let's talk about the edit mode.

    I currently made two edits so far and I'm still finishing off the rest:

    "theres never not not nuttin" by jacksfilms and Ethan Newberry & "Blood" by Mika Nakashima.

    For "theres never no not nuttin", I used Len (as jacksfilms) for vocals, KAITO (as Ethan Newberry) for piano and vocals, and Miku for drums (or a trash can). This edit was too easy to make, despite it being short. Only problem is that there is no mouth movement. I kinda find it too difficult to use mouth movement on Vocaloids. But it still turned out great!

    And for "Blood", I used Miku's Yubikiri's modules for the mode. It mostly focuses on t…

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