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A Problem with Twitter

EDIT: The issue has been resolved. No need for help, now! ^_^ But I'm glad to be back in the Wiki. :) I am SO sorry for being inactive for a long time. I have been busy with school and all kinds of other stuff. Anyway, I have a problem with Twitter (@HiroseTakane). Here's the problem:

When I retwitted 3 Mikagura stuff, my account was locked. I'm trying to figure out why. When I try to unlock it, they demand my number. WHAT THE CRAP, TWITTER?! I CAN'T DO THAT!! MY MOM WOULD BE MAD AT ME (Becuase I don't have a phone, but SHE does. If she finds out, I'm screwed)! Ahem, anyway, I also heard that everyone elses account is being locked, too for some reason. I just need to know why my account- No... EVERYONE'S account is locked for no reason.

Can you guys help me with this?

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