I was the age of 12, I was in Japan, and I saw a couple of people play this game called "Mahjong". I wanted to try it out. A year later, after my dad went to Taiwan, atthe age of 13, I watched an anime called, "Saki Achiga-hen episode of Side-A". I was really impressed! I was intressted in watching more of this "Mahjong anime", and I watched the first anime, "Saki". Mahjong Addict also inspired me to play japanese Mahjong. I heard about a Mahjong tournament coming up in two days, so I wanted my mother's help on how to play Mahjong. And basically, I mastered it. I knew how to play it! And, uh, funny thing was, at the tournament... I forgot the rules. Yeah, I didn't know what to do in the begining, but then I saw a video by HanaYoriUta called "How to Play Japanese Mahjong", and I memorized them. I eventually won the first round of the tournament. To be extremely lucky, our points were 110, 900! That's a lot of points! At practice, I beated everyone. Yeah, that's how I got my title as the "Queen of Mahjong" the following year (I eventually acted like a second Saki Miyanaga <D). Now this year, the third Saki season, Saki: The Nationals and the song, Mahjong Addict, will always inspire me to play Mahjong, along with my friends, family and Saki Character Songs. I also play the Saki Portable games (Even though I have a VITA, I can still play it since PSP games work on the PS VITA). Still to this day, I still hold my title as "Queen of Mahjong".

Oh, and also: For best results, I recommend watching these gameplay videos from Saki Achiga-hen episode of Side-A Portable. (Shiraitodai High School Style!)

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