I hate strong bosses. Every difficult to begining to end. Here are a few examples.

As you all know, bosses in games are fun, but when you go to the final boss, it becomes a hassle and you will die until you level up your character or characters. For example, Final Fantasy XIII-2's final boss, Caius Ballad is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Even though I defeated him, I still had a hard time beating him. I had two choices in a quick time event, kill Caius or show mercy. I chose show mercy, since Noel doesn't want to kill him. But Caius uses Noel's blade to kill HIMSELF (Though, SPOILER ALERT, Caius lives).

But most bosses are easy such as Heinrich the Alien from Conker's Bad Fur Day. This boss has a total of two attacks and are both EASY to advoid. It's simple, Conker must knock him down, pull him out Super Mario 64 style, and throw him out the airlock... INTO SPACE. If you repeat it two more times, the fight is over, and so is the game.

Everyone who you know about Project DIVA knows about The Intense Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku or shall I say, THIS EVIL SONG. Thank goodness, they made it easier on DIVA F 2nd. Though, IT IS STILL IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT! Even though in F I cleared ONE TEN STARED SONG IN EXTREME, I still didn't clear Sadistic.Music∞Factory on EXTREME. That song is very hard to beat.

But, the most infamous final boss has to be the superboss. This character is very hard to beat. He is even more worser than Jasper Batt Jr. from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle! No! NO! I tried beating him 50 times in a row and he keeps killing me! I really hate this character so much, I need to level up my character. Anyone who has read my 'Level Up' post know that I have a hard time beating him. It acts nothing be stress and frustration.

And that's the reason why I hate strong bosses.

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