Okay, I am so ticked off right now.

Take a look at this!

Try to skip to 20:49. Here are some people called TheSuperSwagsters (Or should I say, "TheSuperIdiots") how just decided to make a rant about Vocaloid. Sure rants can be... Cool sometimes, but they went a little too far with this one. They called Vocaloid "robots", they don't do research, they think they are Transformers and crap like that. They also think they should just bu real-life profetional singers. Oh, wait! Saki Fujita, Asami Shimoda, Yū Asakawa, etc. They are human. USE SOME FRICKIN' RESEARCH FOR ONCE, IDIOTS! And what's worst about them (Almost), is that they boast about COD, COD, C.O.D for cryign out loud! This is a rant! Not a hate speech!

Hold on! Who's the guy going crazy and making a crazy speech? That's Brethren Toons ranting about them. I kinda like him because he encourages Vocaloids and is an Otaku like me.

And if that's not enough, here's another video not made by TheSuperIdiots, but Mario Larsson Empire. Another Brethren Rant Production.

This guy who sounds like a childish five year old says that Hatsune Miku is ugly, sucks, and is... AHEM! Retarded (Sorry for my language). (LIAR!) He even misspelled Hatsune Miku's name. JUST SAY THE NAME RIGHT, MARIO! Since I was known as Takan Inuyasha (The RP account from a couple of months ago), I flagged the video for a hate sppech.

And did you notice that the word "Lose" is misspelled in Mario's intro... as "LOOSE"?!

Well, does Hatsune Miku suck? I think NOT! Well, see ya! Gotta take care of TheSuperIdiots. >:P

Also, can you guys tell me what song plays when Brethren was doing his crazy speech?

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