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Well, I am playing Dissidia 012 since I am (MOSTLY) a gamer like Takane Enomoto (In the past). I am trying to level up Tifa to... like, level 30 or something like the last time I played it since 2011!!!!!! But, I had leveled up Vaan the most (which is a good thing, I think). I didn't screw up, but if I DID screw up, I would be ticked.

Okay, I haven't played Dissidia 012 since 2011, I leveled up almost all my characters and all that crap. But, the most characters I leveled up are Vaan and Yuna. I recently don't give a ship about NOT leveling up all characters, but I REALLY need to clear Story Mode so FREAKIN' badly. Why the fudge would I do that? Because this is important! And, holy crap, I need to beat the Warrior of Light with Lighting very badly. Time to level her up. Okay, I have a lot a thoughts in my head: "Oh, no! Kefka is about to defeat me! Time to level up Vaan!" Then, "Crap! I better level up Yuna to beat The Emporer!" And now, "I have to level up Lightning to beat the Warrior of Light!" Then after I lost, "Oh, man! I lost?! I got my butt kicked by HIM?! Gosh darn it to heck!"

Oh come on! Use some creativity, people for goodness sake! How can I level up a character in a faster way?!

Oh, and just as you know, I HAVE A PS VITA SO PSP GAMES CAN WORK ON A PS VITA GAME, DARN IT! Geez, this is so frustrating. I'm sorry, I am mostly a gamer in my spare time when I am not around the Wiki. But, still, leveling up all my characters is just frustrating... 畜生!

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