Okay. Here's the kicker:

NORN9 is my favorite Otome game of all time. NORN9 Last Era gets announced, along with a anime and character image songs. I'm still waiting for Last Era to come out. I also am waiting for the anime to come out. BUT, the character image songs is what I am waiting for the most. The character songs haven't been announced, yet. However, there is one confusing thing that I saw at the Wikipedia. You see:

In Asami Seto's Wikipedia page (Who voices Nanami Shiranui in the game), it says that Nanami's character song is Moonlight Forest. But it didn't say it on the Japanese version of Asami Seto's page.

So, I am REALLY confused about this. Can you tell me how Nanami's character image song has been announced and will you give me a link that has the information? Please?

Here's a fun fact!

  • Asami Seto's last name is actually the same last name as Kousuke Seto from the Kagerou Project.
  • Another thing about Asami-san is that her first name is the same as Kagamine Rin & Len's voice provider, Asami Shimoda. But, I better stick with calling Ms. Seto, "Asami-san" because I don't wanna be confused with Kousuke Seto. Even though most of the japanese get called by their last name, some of them call them by their first name. So I call her "Asami-san" for the respect of her role, Nanami Shiranui.

Do you wanna tell how Nanami's character song has been announced with a link where you got that information? Let me know in the comments below. Now if you'll excuse me, I better wait for NORN9 Last Era and the PS Vita version to come out.

UPDATE: Yeah, it's a different character song. Moonlight Forest a different character Asami-san voiced. Sorry for the confusion.

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