Okay, so about a week ago, I got Project DIVA F 2nd for the PS Vita (NA ver.) and well...

I enjoyed it. Anyway, let's talk about the edit mode.

I currently made two edits so far and I'm still finishing off the rest:

"theres never not not nuttin" by jacksfilms and Ethan Newberry & "Blood" by Mika Nakashima.

For "theres never no not nuttin", I used Len (as jacksfilms) for vocals, KAITO (as Ethan Newberry) for piano and vocals, and Miku for drums (or a trash can). This edit was too easy to make, despite it being short. Only problem is that there is no mouth movement. I kinda find it too difficult to use mouth movement on Vocaloids. But it still turned out great!

And for "Blood", I used Miku's Yubikiri's modules for the mode. It mostly focuses on the Kasha module. In most parts, I used red as the main backround color with the Japanese Sitting Room, in the most part. I made it great and fantastic! But despite it having no mouth movements in most parts, it was still a great video. But I did put too many red fade-in's in the most part. So sorry! >__<It a

lso took me time to do this. I started it since, get thi: The whole Thanksgiving! Yes, throughout my whole Thanksgiving, I've been focusing on the edit. I wanted to make it fantastic and amazing. I finshed it by 11:10. I got really tired, though.

Anyway, I had fun with both edits and I'm still making more (Mostly Mitsuki Saiga feat. JUST songs, KagePro songs, and Vcaloid songs). Do you have a request?

Here's my Online ID (Warning: An embarrassing ID): gabekikinoosh (Sorry if I did that ;__;)

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