An ending to a video game is suppose to be epic. Some, however, have the worst endings. (Bioshock, MW3, etc.) Here is one example (This line has been taken from a YouTube video I like):

Your girlfriend gets shot as Xenomorph pops out of the bad guy and you go out into SPACE. You get a power-suit and then you go off to face the Xenomorph to get Berry's body back... Except that, Xenomorph pushes Berry's body out INTO SPACE. You then proceed to fight a laughably easy battle against the Xenomorph. It has a grand total of two attacks, which are both easy to advoid once you've seen them. To defeat him, all you have to do is punch him a few times, pull him Super Mario 64, throw him out the open airlock INTO SPACE. Okay, this joke is getting old. (This joke) Repeat the process twice, and you've got yourself one of the worst final bosses I have ever seen. Then, this happens. (Skip to 2:38) Really, Rare? You've just obliterated the fourth wall at the worst way possible. Anyway, Conker gets the help of a... "software engeineer"... and he kills the beast. I'm still not sure why someone would choose a sword over a double action shot-gun, but that's the side of the point (?). Anyway, a whole lot of characters suddenly show up out of nowhere and somehow they know exactly what just happened. And what follows is most iragreeting cutscene EVER! (Skip to 7:25) Yeah, the most annoying voice acting in the game chanting the same exact phrase 15 times! Yeah, I counted. That's how much I hated it! Then, after the credits roll, Conker goes into a bar to "drink his troubles away". Which is EXACTLY what he did in the INTRO to the game. Are you trying to say that Conker has learned NOTHING from all his adventures?!

THIS game has to be on of the most OVERRATED ending of ALL TIME. If you wanna guess what game is and what you think, comment on your thought. I hate worst endings like these.

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