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  • I live in (Born in Ethiopia) Now the USA (America)
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Student xD
  • I am female (of course :3)
  • Kirbyna321

    Ok hey it's Kirbyns/Mikisu!

    I'm going to talk about the things I don't like about vocaloid and lets get started!

    Hastune Miku's first most obvious flaw is that she's making the other vocaloids loose all their popularity, and the other vocaloids don't sing as much songs as they used to, and it's not fair to them. Miku shouldn't sing songs from other because I think she should sing finnish I would love to hear her sing a language other than Japanese. It would be wonderful because it's an "I" not an "L" the song is Finnish, and she;s obviously singing the gibberish part nothing more, and it gets annoying I wish she would sing the whole song in finnish, english, or her native Japanese even though it would not be good with a finnish song for many…

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  • Kirbyna321

    IA is the most popular VOCALOID3 character.

    Only songs i know by her: IA IA Night of Desire!, A Trillion Years and One Night

    One of my Favorite Vocaloids!!

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