Ok hey it's Kirbyns/Mikisu!

I'm going to talk about the things I don't like about vocaloid and lets get started!

Hastune Miku's first most obvious flaw is that she's making the other vocaloids loose all their popularity, and the other vocaloids don't sing as much songs as they used to, and it's not fair to them. Miku shouldn't sing songs from other because I think she should sing finnish I would love to hear her sing a language other than Japanese. It would be wonderful because it's an "I" not an "L" the song is Finnish, and she;s obviously singing the gibberish part nothing more, and it gets annoying I wish she would sing the whole song in finnish, english, or her native Japanese even though it would not be good with a finnish song for many reasons. Miku needs to give the other vocaloids like Lily thei rpopularity back becasue if she sang with Miku, Miku would get all the attention, and that makes Lily's hard work feel like nothing to the fans. The fans should focus on voclaoids like Gumi because she sang Poker Face, and their not focusing on that anymore. I see the world is mine is popular, but if someone mentions Luka Luka Night Fever or something, people wouldn't know what you're talking about because some wouldn't think or know Luka ws a vocaloid and that makes me feel bad for the other vocaloids.

The spanish vocaloids should be getting attention too because for the same reason, Miku is shutting them out and they can't get any fans because of Miku is what I think Bruno and the others are thinking. No wonder the Rin fans are hating they want the other vocaloids to get attention and I think they're doing the right thing, but they shouldn't go too far with it. The new spanish vocaloid isn't getting any attention.

Next the english voclaoids should be getting the most attnention because the USA and the UK are responsible for sparking the light in Japan for them to start voclaoid too, so they should be on top not Japan. Japan made them popular because of Miku, and Miku only is what I think. Leon and Lola should be having a version 2 and 3, and Miku should be following their footsteps. Not the other way around because it makes no sense because Japan should be following the US and UK becaus THEY made vocaloid the thig in Japan. 

Some songs you think are Japanese aren't because Caramelldansen is Swedish and the Iven Polka is Finnish, and Momo isn't popuar anymore because Miku shut her out and for Teto too. 

I think you guys need to get it straight that Miku shouldn't be getting all te atention, and the rest of them especially the english ones because THEY MADE IT POPULAR IN JAPAN.

This is my opinion, and make your opinion down below thank you.

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