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    Some critics say "Kirimisakana, the self-calling translator is too judice to translate Japanese lyrics. She is tend to exchange word to word, mistake grammarly or in word-choice." How encouraging words ... I need your help.

    Original lyrics

    My translation

    Below is my second attempt. (I got full permission from original author.)

    "South wind memories"

    The rainy days depressed me

    I want to walk under the bright sunlight

    Abruptly, I remember your face

    Why I feel so lonely?

    I must stop thinking too much

    We had a quarrel at last time

    I said hurtful things to you

    In the gentle breeze, you give me a smile

    I smile at you gratefully

    Let's enjoy the summer wind

    The sunshine and the sea

    Although we are apart,

    I can rememb…

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  • Kirimisakana

    Today (Aug, 31) is the 5th anniversary of Hatsune Miku. I just purchased this musics at iTMS now. This is the world fastest listener review of “Gear of Destiny”.

    01. Gear of Destiny (feat. Hatsune Miku)

    "Please find me, the real myself." This song is for Miku and VOCALOIDs. Ware 5 years long or short? Have she changed or not? SOSOSO P asked serious question. And more, he'll keep making music with Miku.

    02. Gear of Destiny (Kaz-Hitrance Remix) (feat. Hatsune Miku)

    The title “Kaz-Hitrance” has double meaning. One is “high trance” and others is from his name “Kazuhito”. He divided it “kaz(u)” and “hit(o)”, and put the later as the prefix of “trance”. SOSOSO P is known for his favor about 80' - 90's disco…

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  • Kirimisakana

    Japanese version is here. I got the permission of translating from author.


    This is the 5th work of collaboration with mak.kanz@wa & nocchi1031(a.k.a. Palette-P).

    nocchi e-mailed to mak.kanz@wa at Feb 17. It was mak.kanz@wa's birthday. mak.kanz@wa was very glad to asked writing lyrics for Palette-P. It was a chance and neat birthday present for mak.kanz@wa.

    He felt the energy of music beat running, and heart-shaking melody like a stinging injury. At the moment he decided that he should write the theme on this music. The theme had been in his mind for ceveral months.

    To refuse to accept disaster waste ( of East Japan earthquake, not of…

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    Let's describe how to create connection/derivation works in the "VOCALOID" genre. Of course, I use PIAPRO and PCL license. Please note 2 prerequisites.

    Prerequisites: in this term, "VOCALOID" means Crypton Future Media's character only. Not the other vendor's "VOCALOID" characters.

    Prerequisites 2: I and "Ukikusa" are member of PIAPRO beta. It means that each of us can use/modify the derivative works on PIAPRO.

    On my TL, my fiend "Ukikusa" appealed. "Anybody please give me the picture of MegurineLuka, laying on the crescent moon!"

    Ukikusa added, " ...with art nouveau style, like Alfons Maria Mucha." I caught that tweet and mentioned. "When does the limit for? How about the size?"

    I found that Ukikusa's request was not for some movie-making. Ukikusa…

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  • Kirimisakana

    ======I translated this lyric with proper approval.

    Nororin's music is so hard that really rocks!

    Read about translating tips? Enjoy! "Ace In The Hole translator's note"

    Kirimisakana 13:55, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

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