Today, collaborated with rashlymanジャパニーズビジネスマンP work is uploaded by composer. When you come to the new step of life, this song touches your heart. I love Nekomura Iroha!

Niconico douga:


quotation from YouTube

a train to Tokyo "SAKURA" - 東京行き「さくら」 Illustration : KirimiSakana Lyrics, composition and arrangement : rashly man I thought of the friend who started on a journey to the new life, and put the tune on sentences that wrote memories of the night train.
I originally uploaded my this work to NicoNicoDouga in Oct .23th,2011.

My picture set for this work

【東京行き「さくら」】素材セット Ver.9


To the comic sequencer “Comipo!”, my big thumbs up. It make me to decide a girl's pose more easier. Of course, it doesn’t mean “easy complete tracing”. Second, thank you to the picture material site, “Ashinari”. The pictures of the train station of Ueno (in Tokyo) ware quite useful.


From composer's suggestion, the headphone which the girl used is this.

SONY Stereo walkman TPS-L2

This model has two head phone jack sockets, for whom wants share music with someone else. Yes, “boy and girl” or those kind of lovely situations. In the PV, she puts on the head phone on her ears. There's no one to share. It means what? I guess she has been separated from someone in very close relationship.

The train window is darkened.

Feeling anxiety about where she is now.

Feeling anxiety about her future.

The train goes on, while she felt mixed anxieties.

When the next morning comes and get rid off the train, I'd like to stand still.”

She might say to herself.

I got an authorization of lyrics translation. rashlyman has posted his version on YouTube, though, I would like to make it with my skill, with full respect. Please wait a couple of days.

Kirimisakana 13:00, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

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