GROW feat. Hatsune Miku / SOSOSO (Tsukui Kazuhito)

This mini album is SOSOSO P(Kazuhito Tsukui)'s VOCALOID works since 2010 winter to 2011 summer. He continues to send messages. "Keep your head high. Cheer up."

Throughout 6 tracks, if you are starting your new chapter of life, the best recommend song is "No change". The title has two meanings. First is an irony to old customs, that resist to new unavoidable changes. Seconf is message to whom stand against the ancien régime, "don't change your will". Miku sings in strong tune. "Even if everything change to worse, please don't change your soul. Even if nothing can be changed, change your future."

So, he's build new mix of "Pray for you", the charity song for East Japan Earthquake. All copyright royalty of this song will donate to Japan Red Cross.

On the other hand, "Pray for you" cheer up our mind and gave energy, this "Wing of Hope" gave us the relief time. Sunlight spotted clearing in forest, I feel from Miku's harmony. "After wave hand and say good bye to you, I'll start from here. Spread this wing of hope(you gave me)." This song is the last one for the series those title with "wing". It is impressive, the moment after the strings fade.

After the moment, "Sunrise" has special feeling. The lyrics say, "I feel you, anywhere or everywhere I am." It links to former song "Wing of Hope". This link must be SOSOSO's songwriting gift. Please enjoy this mini-album with original playing-order, at first listening.

Kirimisakana 23:11, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

Kirimisakana(VOCALOID illustrator, JP-EN translator and member of S-TRIBE)

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