• I live in America
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is Artist, musician, lyricist
  • I am Female
  • Kkoria

    Don't get me wrong, her music is great. Rose + Thorn is probably the only song I really like from her. But I'm starting to get bored with her music very quickly. It's constantly repeating and she uses the same instruments for almost every song (if not all the same then some of them, like the piano or the strings). I understand it must be a synthesized sound, and she's using a computer program, but I'm starting to get tired of a lot of her songs.

    She's a great lyricist and the songs are pretty good, but I'm not liking how they all are beginning to sound very similar to each other. Am I the only one who feels this way, or are there others that feel similarly?

    (This is just an opinion, BTW, and I'm not bashing on Empath-P.)

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  • Kkoria

    Exposing NicoNico to More SeeU

    December 22, 2013 by Kkoria

    This idea was brought up a little while ago on SeeU's wiki page in the comments. The idea was basically taking the popular videos by SeeU and uploading them onto NicoNico. The problem is that the Japanese are missing out on many good songs by SeeU.

    The hope is that the extra exposure of SeeU will help ease tensions and raise popularity, if not a little bit then at least helping them to tolerate her more. It would be beneficial for sure.

    However, this all has to be done legally, which means basically asking the creators for permission to upload the works onto NicoNico. zz Z would be an ideal artist, seeing as he works with both Japanese and Korean SeeU. theyears12 would also be a great one, since there are many songs that would be good to uploa…

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  • Kkoria


    SO. THEY ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS ON SEEU ENGLISH (you're lucky I speak Korean. :3 )

    AND the answer was basically this: "SeeU English libraries is in a current state of suspended production. Whether it will be released depends on provisional release English library, you have to wait until further notice, which is extra appreciated. SeeU continues to ask for a lot of attention."

    SO. She's in suspended production. To summarize, basically what they're saying is that SeeU needs more attention and love! If anyone has any ideas how to do this, LET ME KNOW!!

    I, for one, intend to make an "inspirational video" to try and convince SBS to release SeeU English!! :)


    I ALSO wrote back a …

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  • Kkoria

    Sandbox Help?

    December 14, 2013 by Kkoria

    feel a tad stupid for having to ask this question, but I was curious as to how I could edit things in this "sandbox" everyone talks about...

    I've seen it before, but it was before a lot of changes were made to the Wiki. Now I'm not sure how to access it, let alone use it. 

    And I would appreciate it if I wasn't redirected to another page, but if someone could just tell me how to access it. If you tell me that then I'm sure I can figure out the rest. That's how I figure out just about everything else. :)

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  • Kkoria

    Marketing Template Issues

    December 12, 2013 by Kkoria

    I have been having an issue with the new Marketing Template that has been set up, mainly with Tianyi and SeeU's pages. I am not enjoying the fact that there is no basic layout when I go to edit, as in, everything is in code, or "source" mode instead of "visual". "Visual" really helps me make the pages look their very best when I'm editing, and constantly having to go to preview, then try and hunt down codes and move them without making everything a mess is a challenge for me.

    Also, I've noticed that whenever you publish an edit on the Templates, they aren't counted as actual edits, and don't show up on your page, or for badges. The same goes for adding pictures. This irks me because it's still apart of the page, but only on the Template. Wh…

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