This idea was brought up a little while ago on SeeU's wiki page in the comments. The idea was basically taking the popular videos by SeeU and uploading them onto NicoNico. The problem is that the Japanese are missing out on many good songs by SeeU.

The hope is that the extra exposure of SeeU will help ease tensions and raise popularity, if not a little bit then at least helping them to tolerate her more. It would be beneficial for sure.

However, this all has to be done legally, which means basically asking the creators for permission to upload the works onto NicoNico. zz Z would be an ideal artist, seeing as he works with both Japanese and Korean SeeU. theyears12 would also be a great one, since there are many songs that would be good to upload by him/her. Also, the IA song would be good. That could help raise tolerance. :3

What do you all think? I plan on launching this idea on YouTube today. It's a great idea and a fantastic opportunity. I support it completely. WBU??

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