I have been having an issue with the new Marketing Template that has been set up, mainly with Tianyi and SeeU's pages. I am not enjoying the fact that there is no basic layout when I go to edit, as in, everything is in code, or "source" mode instead of "visual". "Visual" really helps me make the pages look their very best when I'm editing, and constantly having to go to preview, then try and hunt down codes and move them without making everything a mess is a challenge for me.

Also, I've noticed that whenever you publish an edit on the Templates, they aren't counted as actual edits, and don't show up on your page, or for badges. The same goes for adding pictures. This irks me because it's still apart of the page, but only on the Template. Why should that change? Just because it's on the Template shouldn't mean it doesn't count. If there is any way to fix this, please do.

I, along with other friends of mine IRL who also edit on here, feel the same way. I have recently dug up some very interesting things about Tianyi and SeeU that haven't shown up yet, and I am so ready to post them up. So if you can set up "Visual" and fix the publishing problem, please, please do. Spasibo. :)

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