Well, I guess this is it.

Since everybody is mean to me, I'm now gonna be inactivated at this Wiki and move to the Kagerou Project Wiki. I have recently gained QUITE a lot of hate on this wiki. Ever since that day, I have been the worst person on this wiki. And I will say this:

I, Kyouya Otonashi, is the stupidist person in the whole wide world, everyone hates me, I am a terrible person, and nobody ever respects me.

I am not trying to say that I hate you guys, I just wanted to gain a lot of like to show my little brother who's the boss. Yes, I'm talking about YOU, Teito!

Ahem! I wanna say my apoligizies to the people I've ONCE respected:

Takane and Miss Sumire, I'm sorry for doing this and doing that and doing all those RP crap. I just wanted to see what's going on. I don't want you guys to get abused online or anything. And Takane, I hope your obesseion of Mitsuki Saiga will keep growing, so keep loving her.

Kana or Saki or Kuro or whatever, I'm sorry for saying all those compliments about you. The truth is... I... I... I... I LOVE YOU! You are the sweetest girl I met since we were five. I've always looked up to you. So, please... forgive me for the stupid prank I pulled up since middle school. So, well you go on a date with me? (Gets embarrassed: Oh crap!)

To Mist, I'm sorry for being an idiot on Miss Sumire's blog and the PDF2nd pages. I just hate it when your language hurts my friends feelings. They don't like it. But, I'm sorry for being an RP bastard. Pfft! Excuse my language.

And to everyone else but Teito: I'm sorry for acting like a ba... I mean fool in the wiki. I promise I won't RP in the Kagerou Project Wiki. So, please forgive me.

Here are my final thoughts and my last words:

I came to the wiki so that I can sing with you guys and have fun. But what did I get: I get called a sockpuppet for doing dumb stuff. I am not a puppet. But, let's just go back to the sad stuff. I still wanted to continue singing, and I will never give up singing. Never. Even though I never upload covers of me singing with my friends and release albums/singles with me friends, I will always continue singing like Miku and Chihaya. Singing, singing, oh singing. I will never stop or give up on singing.

Well, that's it. Eveyone, Teito, take care...

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