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    Trouble getting Luo Tianyi

    September 5, 2012 by LambdaSK

    I ordered the Deluxe version of Luo Tianyi at Amazon Market Place, and received a large box yesterday.

    I was very happy...

    ...before I opened the box.

    Oh... OMG, the voicebank DVD was not included in the box!

    I reported the trouble to the company by email via Amazon.

    I hope they would send it to me soon.

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  • LambdaSK

    From Aug. 1 to 31, 2012, Animate Cafe offers special menus in collaboration with Crypton.

    See Animate Cafe's page or

    I've found an error in the latter page. Meiko's Recommendation is not "Berries with Sparkling Water", it's "Sparkling Liquor with Berries". You see a warning under the photo of the drink saying "Alcohol can be ordered only by adults". Remember Meiko is considered as a heavy drinker by Japanese fans! ^_^

    Animate Cafe is located in Ikebukuro area of Tokyo. I lived near the area long ago, but I'm now far from Tokyo. orz

    Since the cafe will be crowded during this period, you must reserve a table by lottery.

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  • LambdaSK

    Finally, I finished the Megpoid Native version of my song "The Frozen World". I posted it to NicoVideo and YouTube this morning. If possible, please visit the NicoVideo page, because I entered Vocaloid 3 introductory music contest with this song.

    Edit: I've updated the YouTube links to a corrected version.

    Edit (June 25): Updated the NicoVideo link to a corrected version.

    Edit (June 26): The older NicoVideo version reached 1000+ page views on June 23. The corrected version entered Megpoid 3rd Anniversary.

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