I doubt any of you will care about my reasons for preferring physical copies of VOCALOIDs, but I decided to share them anyway.

Truth be told, I have no need for a physical copy of anything, I don't have space to keep them, but there are reasons for why I only get physical copies of VOCALOIDs.

First off, having a physical copy of a VOCALOID allows me to reinstall it easier than just redownloading it, especially considering how shitty my internet can be at times.

The other reason is something I realized I could do after I saw CircusP do it. I want to prove that I don't use POCALOID, and I saw that it was mentioned how a producer making their debut with more than one VOCALOID can be an indicator that they use POCALOID. Half of my time spent in any program is just messing around for shits and giggles, so I rarely publish anything I do. Whenever I end up publishing something that I made with VOCALOID, it'll more than likely be with more than one VOCALOID. I figured that if I make an unboxing video of a VOCALOID that I buy, it'll probably make people realize that I'm a legal VOCALOID user, and not an illegal POCALOID user. I've never used POCALOID, and I never will.

Also, I know that it says I own V4 Flower and IA's DAW Package on my user page, but I only said that I own them because I bought them. They haven't come in the mail yet, so that's why I haven't done some sort of unboxing video for them. Besides, I doubt any of you know what my YT channel is (it's not something I keep out in the open), so you'd probably not see an unboxing video from me anyway.

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