I'm done with this site.

For real.

My PR guy Pascal just messaged me about deletion of pages. If complete, finished songs aren't allowed on this stupid website, then what is? If you can tell me what it is that you try to achieve by sticking to a non-publication policy, please do so.

No, seriously. What is it that makes you turn down all the good guys? I get that you want to be some elitist platform in the Vocaloid community, but come on: you can't! The Vocaloid community is a place for fans to unite, to share information with eachother. Vocaloid is something everyone can use, not just a select few. Not just some well-known musicians can create great songs, I can do that too. But if you don't even give a chance to people to let the world know they create music at all, how are they supposed to get to the top of Vocaloid music? Isn't Vocaloid meant to be a musical instrument for the masses in the first place?

The biggest part of Vocaloid songs aren't created by the famous few. Everyone makes Vocaloid songs, that's what makes the platform special. The songs NOT made by famous producers deserve the spotlight. People who just discovered Vocaloid should know that not only Supercell can make Miku sing, but that they can do it by themselves! Aren't you ashamed of yourself, only allowing content you want the community to see? 

I bet you should.

Oh, and those pages were no self promotion at all. The songs are officially available for pre-order now, I even added Piapro links to the songs because there's no understandable documentation on how to use the *verrekte* Infobox Editor. Maybe you could write tutorials on that, instead of deleting other people's hard work. If you want to be the place to go for new Vocaloid fans, you should at least create a decent amount of information on how to even create content on this site.

Okay, I'm done now. If you want to start a war, bring it on. This blog post will, just like the others, be deleted within a few days. I honestly feel like quitting Vocaloid at all because of this tiny annoying community. Thanks guys!

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