After brutal deletion of both my Producer page and Song page, I have made a somewhat unusual decision. Since there is no real reason involved (both stated "self-promotion" or "you can't create pages about yourself or your works", which can't be found anywhere in the site policies) and I spent about two hours figuring out how the stuff works and creating both articles, I have decided that from now on, I won't post anything to Vocaloid Wikia, nor will any of you.

New policy regarding me: You aren't allowed to create a page about me or my works on Vocaloid Wikia. Any other wiki site is just fine.

This will also be in the legal section of my website, so feel free to delete this post if it offends you.



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UPDATE: It's even stated in the Wikia overall guidelines: "You may not submit content to the Service that you did not create or that you do not have permission to submit." Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this state that all content you submit, you should either have created yourself, or you should posess the rights to publish it?

UPDATE 2: First of all, it seems that this is included in the policies, however, after hours of searching I still haven't been able to find it. Secondly, if there's someone willing to recreate the pages for me (including all correct info, which can be found at either or you are free to do so. As for future songs, they won't be on Vocaloid Wikia or any other wiki sites that don't allow self-"promotion", because I want to avoid the publication of false information by all means.

If you aren't sure whether stuff you read about me is true or not, feel free to ask me (and please edit it with real info as well).

UPDATE 3: Lol this is becoming something now :D. Anyways, we settled the issue and meanwhile someone thought I was interesting enough to create a page about, so yayy! However, the policy remains active: no posting about me without involving me. Hey, commonn. It's not that hard to write me a message :p.

I guess this wraps it up. If you enjoy my stuff, you should read my other blog posts as well. I guess they're kinda fun.


So guys... To make it clear to every (new) user: Creating pages about yourself is prohibited.

Solution: Get a girlfriend and make her create a page for you :D

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