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    Vocaloid update

    March 21, 2015 by Lkagaminer

    Since Luka's v4x release, it almost seems Crypton is pausing on what to do seeing I'm not seeing any updates posted onto the Kagamine's update article and there isn't any pages for Miku's English update/append/whatever they have up their sleeve(so therefore there isn't any news about that). The same rules apply with CV04, so I decided to look at Ruby since I hjaven't looked at her since October or November of 2014. Apperently, it sounds like they're taking her sierously and might take eyes of some people seeing it seems like a profesional release(my definition of a professional vocaloid is making sure everything is perfect and might even start from scratch if it'll make the vocaloid better. Also, these vocaloids usually take forever to upd…

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  • Lkagaminer

    Hello, I am a Vocaloid fan(and fanloid too). 

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