• Lola-Fan

    Hi everybody, thanks for reading my blog. I am a little confused at the moment. On Zero-G's website it says Miriam cannot work on Vista or Windows 7 because she runs on 1. Leon and Lola's pages both say Miriam won't work, but nothing is said about Leon or Lola not working themselves.

    However, it says nothing about Leon or Lola not working with Vista or Windows 7. Does that mean Leon and Lola do work on these two systems? I mean the website the Zero-G site links to for buying the cd-rom version of Lola doesn't have checks next to Vista or Windows 7, so I think that means she can't.

    Part of me still thinks her and Leon can because only Miriam was mentioned on Zero-G's as not working, perhaps the 1.1.2 thing you download after you get it makes…

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