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MahApplez December 13, 2014 User blog:MahApplez

"Those who bought the editor after November 10th 2014 were also offered a free upgrade until June 2015."

O_O ... I can haz both? I mean, that would be pretty nice for especially the people that have V2 voice banks due to the fact that you can import V2s into the V4 engine but only by going through the V3 engine. Currently, I only have Avanna (and two V1s) but I don't have a V3 full editor and I'm 85% sure that I want Ruby and Zero-G's new male (if he sounds good). Should I buy the V3 editor and then upgrade to the V4 so that I can have both? I know that the V4 editor will be much better but there are always the chances that companies will discount their V2s (like zero-g did with the V1s) so I'd like the fuctionality. What's your opinions?

Also, how do you get this upgrade? I don't seem to see it on Yamaha's English store page...

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