• Mai18


    August 28, 2014 by Mai18

    anyways, i've been inactive on this wiki, Didn't got to see vocaloid releases, I was busy with other things, many things, also, i haven't been on for...i dunno...10 days ago?

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  • Mai18

    Guess What?

    August 10, 2014 by Mai18

    guess who is your dearest friend who leaved at this wiki? it's me, mai!

    im back guys :)

    i missed the thread What's in your mind? 3, also, if there is what's in your mind? 4, tell me, or if there is already the 4 one, tell meh the link :D

    actually, i kinda missed eevee, momoiro, miheal, everyone...well a lot

    also, it was memories with you as your wiki member guys. back!

    ...guuu, summer is so hot ;_; i hope autumn comes ;__;

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  • Mai18

    Im leaving...

    June 16, 2014 by Mai18

    Did you saw the blog post? yeah, im leaving this wiki

    still, reasons are that:

    eventually all argue comes nowhere, this is dumb, i mean, you say something then a shitty argue comes

    serisouly, i mean, did you remember about my posts in off-topic disscusion? no kudos but just kudos to everyone just like im shit as hell

    serisouly, this place is dumb/great at the same time, blogs, fourms etc.

    so i hope you guys see this post, and comment

    i loved your wiki always, teached me vocaloids etc. and remember about the birthday thread? if 2015 is here and may is here, say happy birthday to you Mai, just remember that it's may in my birthday, may 5, don't forget it guys, i won't come back even if i decided or not

    honestly, i don't think i'll be back from this…

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  • Mai18

    About the novel

    June 13, 2014 by Mai18

    So about the novel of Kochira, Kofuku Anshin linkai Desu, does one of you guys, the outfits of the VOCALOIDS, reminds you of Persona 3? i mean the outfits and the SEES O.o

    Check it up if you don't know it:, scroll down to the characters and click the characters name to see how they look

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