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  • I live in Robot Arms Apts.
  • I was born on September 4
  • My occupation is Thrift store employee
  • I am Garbage
  • MeerkatQueen

    This is a list of VOCALOID voicebanks with [br1] - [br5] phonetics.
    See Also: Misc Phonetics

    Please note we are waiting for more information on some voicebanks

    Only MEIKO and KAITO have this function as [*in] and [*out]

    All voicebanks except Sweet_Ann, Tonio, and Sonika

    • Oliver
    • Megpoid_Native
    • MIKU_V3_Original
    • MIKU_V3_Soft
    • MIKU_V3_Solid
    • MIKU_V3_Sweet
    • MIKU_V3_Dark
    • MIKU_V3_Light
    • MIKU_V3_Vivid
    • MEIKO_V3_Dark
    • MEIKO_V3_Power
    • MEIKO_V3_Straight
    • MEIKO_V3_Whisper

    • LUKA_V4X_Hard
    • LUKA_V4X_Hard_EVEC
    • LUKA_V4X_Soft
    • LUKA_V4X_Soft_EVEC
    • RIN_V4X_Power_EVEC
    • RIN_V4X_Warm
    • RIN_V4X_Sweet
    • LEN_V4X_Power_EVEC
    • LEN_V4X_Cold
    • LEN_V4X_Serious
    • MIKU_V4X_Original_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Soft_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Solid_EVEC
    • MIKU_V4X_Sweet
    • MIKU_V4X_Dark
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  • MeerkatQueen

    Very Important Poll

    November 16, 2016 by MeerkatQueen

    This is a serious question.

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  • MeerkatQueen

    If you need to create a VOCALOID solfège for pages, I have created a VSQx that you can use.
    (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish included. VOCALOID4 or latest version of VOCALOID3 needed for use of the VSQx.)



    • April 29, 2016: Added Korean support.
    • April 30, 2016: Added Japanese and English VSQ & midi and adjusted pre-send time.
    • August 30, 2017: Added Spanish and Chinese support. (Chinese VSQx and midi courtesy of NebulousViper)

    Unfortunately, due to "certain circumstances" some solfèges need to be replaced due to questionable legitimacy. See Also: Category:Ogg files tagged for replacement

    • LEON (needs replacement)
    • LOLA (needs replacement)
    • MEIKO (needs replacem…

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  • MeerkatQueen

    It was the end of December. I went to the city. I went to Kin○kuniya. I saw there was a Rin Chan Nao! novel. "OMG THERE'S A RIN CHAN NAO NOVEL!!!!" I bought it. The end. (^ω^≡^ω^)

    That is all.

    Also, you know that MAYU, Lapis, miki, and Yuki are in the novel? I need to stucy my Japanese more so I can read it. I can't read kanji. OTL

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  • MeerkatQueen


    January 23, 2015 by MeerkatQueen

    I will do EVERYTHING I CAN to make sure she's my next VOCALOID! I love her so much! :D Her voice is so beautiful and clear. I need her!

    That is all. (°ω°)

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