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    (if this is better suited for a forum. then I'll gladly post it on the forums)

    It seems that Masa's personal blog is primarily used for storytelling. These story posts seem to build the world of 狐の嫁入り (Kitsune no Yomeiri). Masa wrote 3 acts so far, with a lengthy 12 chapters in total regarding 鬼蜘蛛ト狐ノ獅子ト (Onigumo to Kitsune no Shishi to). Along with these story posts is a timeline recounting the events of the story and the prologue. Translating them would probably help understand the lyrics of the respective songs and give it more context.

    For the curious, here's a brief list of the chapters with the post date:

    Prologue (Dec.10.2012)

    首無演舞狂 (Kubinashi Enbukyou) (Mar.28.2013)

    鬼蜘蛛ト狐ノ獅子ト (Onigumo to Kitsune no Shishi to) (Jun.24.2013 - Mar.01.2015)

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