• Merryhaiku

    I am kinda new to the whole wikia thingy and havent been on lately to add anymore stuff.sorry for that but once I arrange my scedule to fit this stuff in I will be posing like crazy!

    I would like to start of with the annoucement of to new fanloids that I have created,one who's name I cant rememer is kinyo's sister.I have like 100 scetches of her so expect lots of art work.the other is a very interesting fanloid who

    1)wears a realy cool komono-style outfit.

    2)has two chibi's that sit on her shoulders,they are kind of like the little angel and divil that tell her what to and what not to utaus charas from shugo chara.

    3)has a purple panda plush toy as her character item.

    I havent come up with a name for her yet,but her chara's as you might …

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