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aka M-I-H-A-E-L

  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Shipping everything that exists
  • I am a me (He/Him/His)
  • Mihaelandnate

    Okay, since i obviously can't go more than a week without incident I'm thinking about just leaving the wiki for a bit. It seems that I'm too inflamatory for the wiki since I can count the number of days on my hands where I have said something without causing a giant flame. I dunno how active I'm going to be, but don't expect me to respond to messages on my wall or forum posts. I know this'll probably make quite a few people happy, hahaha. Consider this a pity party i'm throwing for myself or something if you really don't wanna hear from me. After finishing the songs on my to do list i'll probably just go offline for a bit.

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  • Mihaelandnate

    It's not even the end of the first day of V Flower's release and we've already happened a really amazing use of her voice! You can find the song here.

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  • Mihaelandnate

    ((Hah, first blog post! woooooo))

    So, I've been working on a few vocaloid collabs with a few people, and I've realized that I have a major issue. While I am an adequate tuner, my parts of collabs always sound flat, and I've begun to look into it. The conundrum, it seems, comes from my lack of experience with vibrato. How do you know how much is too much? I feel like I can never find a sweet spot. I've also tried to find tutorials, but it never tells you what to expect. And I can't find anything on SineVibrato...

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