• Mikachuu9


    May 6, 2013 by Mikachuu9

    I have to leave Vocaloid wiki. I mean it this time. I have not been active for about a year. School has been causing me stress, and I still love Vocaloid very much, but I've discovered new things like Hetalia and Homestuck. I thank all of you, and I have to leave to focus on school and dance and most importantly, controlling my autism. Sorry and goodbye.

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  • Mikachuu9


    April 19, 2012 by Mikachuu9

    Sorry I haven't been, well, doing stuff for so long. I got back from Universal Studios Florida about a week ago, and when I'm on vacation I don't really spend much time on the internet. I had a really good time :) I've been active on YouTube more than anything else, but there's no videos on my channel or anything special. My accounts right here: just in case you wanna friend me or something. So again I wanna say sorry for the inactivity.

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  • Mikachuu9


    January 2, 2012 by Mikachuu9

    I've been browsing YouTube lately, listening to Vocaloid and Hello! Project and stuff like that. Vocaloid is a very cool thing. But there a Trolls on various Vocaloid videos and forums. I flag their channels for bullying. You can do this too.

    Various Vocaloid Trolls

    VOCALOIDSUCKS: This is a fake troll. This (fake) troll browses Vocaloid videos and posts the same response: HOW DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY CALL THIS MUSIC? THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS I HATE JAPAN! THE ONLY GOOD THING JAPAN DOES IS PRODUCE ANIME TENTACLE P0RN! Turns out that this person is actually a Vocaloid fan! He is a researcher at the KnowYourMeme lab. He was working on a project to see how many people react when a troll comes.

    Okay, now with the REAL trolls.

    halla4763: This troll like…

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  • Mikachuu9

    Miku Hatsune Song

    January 1, 2012 by Mikachuu9

    This video site called DailyMotion has a video of Miku singing M by Ayumi Hamasaki. I was gonna add it to the list, but then I realized, "Oh yeah. It's called YOUTUBE List." So I'm just gonna post the video right here.

    Before the video starts, you have 15 seconds of advertising, which is really annoying. Just a warning.

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  • Mikachuu9

    Dear Vocaloid Wiki Contributors,

    I have been a complete brat on Vocaloid Wiki. I just want to help, and I want to make everyone happy, as said in Something I Wrote About My Pain. I get mad easily, and a little too mad sometimes. In this case, people were deleting my stuff, and that made me upset. I even tried to make you think I was leaving Vocaloid Wiki. People have called my immature, a spammer, a troll, and so on. I am sorry for being a complete n00b. I will try to be more mature from now on.

    Your Friend,


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