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  • I live in In a house
  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • MikeFire

    Well this is going to be my first official year of the wikia even though I'm not "that" active, I've been in this fandom for 3-4 years though I never actually cared about joining a group. I remember the old wikia, the old VO, the old VOCALOID fandom in general. In that time there wasn't so much ignorants as there is now in YT, only people who actually knew the name of all VOCALOIDs, all engloids, something that I could be proud of this fandom around that time but now that I look at it the fandom is getting worse. The dilemma between groups, the idiots that only think about the Crypton group.

    Why am I still in the fandom? Because of Bruno, Clara, LEON, LOLA, Miriam, Sweet ANN, Prima, SONiKA, Big Al, Tonio & Oliver(Even if he is already popul…

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  • MikeFire

    November 14 = Birthday~!!!!

    November 14, 2012 by MikeFire

    So tomorrow/today (depends on where you are xD) is my birthday :D

    I already went out with my family they bought me some things, we all passed a good time.

    As present I got me 'The Last Story' (A great RPG for the Wii), Pokemon White 2 (I have all generation pokemon xD), VY2v3 but I really have no use for him for now & I don't know if this counts but I got me a free Galaco. :3

    Anywho tomorrow I am going bowling with all my other family since they all thought it would be fun to go to this new bowling place they just did , and heck of course I didn't complain xD

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  • MikeFire

    I was gonna start a proyect of collecting all the ranges of the Vocaloids by language and gender. (for the people who visit the wiki and/or who wants to buy a voice.)

    But I've noticed some Vocaloids not having their range in their page... none of the V1s have it and thats where I was gonna start off from :/

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  • MikeFire

    Youtube -P producers

    October 5, 2012 by MikeFire

    Please note this has nothing to do with the RinVC dilemma.

    I really think we should delete the Youtube Producers that are in the Vocaloid Wiki, It's to save us more problems in the future.

    IMO I say this regarding Pocaloid/cracked VOCALOIDs in general, we really don't know if they actually have the VOCALOIDs themself... and people won't post the pictures of risk that they may lose fans or in other cases people not caring and keep suporting them. And we actually can't say they do since they magically appear with the VB every two or three videos.

    This is actually something I've been thinking about from some time ago.

    I'm not pointing at any VOCALOID user in general!!

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  • MikeFire

    Can someone turn this Harvest UST into a VSQ for me? Please!

    The UTAU program is acting all weird since my computer was given a complete wipeout, now no matters which ver. I download (and the english thing also) it makes any hiragana UST go all weird on me... can someone please help this sad soul for this small task?!

    [Link] (Password: Harvest)

    I'm sorry here is so much parts but after hearing VY1 and Len's version I really want to cover it :S

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