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  • I live in 美国
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is a person who stalks the Chinese VOCALOIDs, 大学生, Slytherin / Horned Serpent
  • I am
  • NebulousViper

    2018 Logo polls part two! Winning VOCALOIDs for Spanish and Mandarin are Maika and Yuezheng Longya! This round is for English and Japanese VOCALOIDs only

    Please read this journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 21st, 2017.

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  • NebulousViper

    2018 Logo polls cannot include: DAINA, Una, SeeU, Clara, Xingchen, Miku (Default)

    Please read this journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 11th, 2017.

    RESULTS: Pick a generation for English VOCALOIDs:

    • VOCALOID - 1 vote
    • VOCALOID2 - 7 votes
    • VOCALOID3 - 3 votes
    • VOCALOID4 - 16 votes

    Pick a company for Japanese VOCALOIDs

    • Crypton Future Media - 0 votes
    • Internet Co. Ltd - 2 votes
    • AH-Software - 12 votes
    • YAMAHA/Bplats - 14 votes
    • DearStage/MoeJapan - 0 votes
    • i-Style Project - 0 votes
    • MI7 Japan Inc. - 0 votes
    • SEGA - 0 votes
    • Other - 10 votes
    • Private - 0 votes

    Pick a Spanish VOCALOID

    • Bruno - 13 votes
    • Maika - 22 votes
    • Ona - 2 votes

    Pick a Mandarin Chinese VOCALOID

    • Luo Tianyi - 6 votes
    • Yan He - 8 votes
    • Xin Hua - 7 votes
    • Yuezheng Ling - 5 votes
    • Yuezheng Lon…
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  • NebulousViper

    UTAU Release - Ser0

    January 1, 2017 by NebulousViper

    Happy New Year! It's 2017!!! And what better way to kick off the new year than to release the 2nd UTAU of our group: Ser0!

    She is an English vocalist! There is also support in making her sing in Spanish as well! Please take a look at her debut video! You can download her voicebank through the video's description!

    The staff hopes you enjoy listening to and/or using Ser0! It's been a long journey for her voice provider, who worked on her voicebank for a very long time. She put so much effort into producing Ser0 and we're all so proud of her!

    Debut video for Ser0

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  • NebulousViper

    For other editors to reference. Quick checklist of things that need to be done. I currently can't edit due to weak WiFi and I'm leaving soon. I can help clean things up if needed. Here's the things that are missing:

    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Tone Rion V4
    • Tone Rion V4 (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Yumemi Nemu
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Yumemi Nemu (VOCALOID4) (Reminder: Nemu does have a demo available, so please include that)
    • Yumemi Nemu (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Yumemi Neumi (VOCALOID4) (REDIRECT PAGE)
    • Artist entry for Yukiko Horiguchi; drew both Nemu and Rion V4
    • Voice provider entry for Nemu Yumemi; voiced both Nemu and Rion V4
    • Consider a separate gallery page for MoeJapan/Dear Stage? If not, keep them under YAMAHA I suppose. Add Rion V4 and Nemu's characte…
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  • NebulousViper

    2017 logo final round! Winning VOCALOIDs for English and Japanese are Daina and Otomachi Una! This round is for choosing the official art to use for the logo. Please copy and paste the links to view the images.

    Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

    Deadline is December 31, 2016.


    Which DAINA image should be used?

    • (4 votes)
    • (21 votes)

    Which Una image should be used?

    • (4 votes)
    • (9 votes)
    • (0 votes)
    • http://vocaloid.wik…
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