Okay, so, if you don't know already, I'm headed to Anime Boston (again) and it's taking place on April 4th. I'm not going to be around until maybe late at night.

I would be really upset if VOCALOID news were released on this day. My god XD

Oh, and in other news, I got another job! ^_^ So I have two at the moment, since I need time to kill while I'm waiting for May, since that's when I start school again. :)

Er... you know how I don't exactly... always like children... right?

"Hey, I got a new job!"

"Really? What do you do? Where do you work?"

"Education center. I work with kids after school"

"........ *laughs because they know I don't really like kids*"

I thought this job would help me... interact better with kids, I suppose. And I do have fun. Like, our center hosts this really cool simulation where it teaches kids about running business, writing checks, paying off loans and bills, etc. And I go to a middle school to help with an after school program that also teaches them how to run their own business. It's pretty neat. And the kids are pretty sweet, so I don't mind.

Oh! And I maaaaay be away for a bit around April 17-23. I'm heading out of state to another, in order to help babysit newborn twins. Our godsister (we call her that since she considers my mom as her godmother) had twin girls! And they're really, REALLY cute! But I'm bad with babies. I can handle kids, not babies ;w; I'm scared to hold them and accidentally drop them or something.

Guess we know who is not having kids. .3.

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