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About the Giant Rubber Duck

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If you read my "Rest in Peace" blog, you also saw the "Giant Rubber Duck"

Yeah, it's true.  There was going to be a New Year's celebration in Taiwan (Not Hong Kong) for its arrival.  This 50ft inflatable and adorable water bird has traveled to Sydney, Osaka and other places!  It was meant to spread happiness around the world, to remind people of their childhoods and relieve them of stress and tension.

However, it just.... popped.  Exploded. ;A;

I laughed about it for a bit because... well... IT'S A 50FT INFLATABLE RUBBER DUCK OF ADORABLENESS!  And I thought it just deflated randomly, but apparently not, so I felt bad about laughing.  I now know this duck has meaning! >:'U  Those people in Taiwan was expecting a really nice New Year's Eve!

If you want to know what this duck looks like, it is currently my profile picture (rubber ducks are bawss).

Theories behind the duck's explosion: 

- Eagles attacking it.  Their claws possibly puncturing the giant and superior bird

- Human tampering.  Who the fuck wants to harm a giant duck of happiness? >:U

- Temperature drop

Video of the explosion found here, as well as more information

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