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Absent on Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Hello fellow editors,

I will not be available on Saturday, November 7th, 2015. I will be away at a Comic Con hosted in my area. On most weekends, I usually check on my phone if something happened every hour or so. Tomorrow, I'm not doing that because I do need to conserve battery power and take pictures (but I never post them because that just gives away where I live, except on Facebook where only friends can see them).

That being said, I will not be able to check up what goes on in the wiki until I return home. I will most certainly not be able to help with any issues that happened. If that is the case, please see the other admins if something happens. :)

I don't think I'd stay very long because it was very small last time, but this year, they extended it to two buildings due to last year's issues. So I maaaaay stay longer than last year. I think I'll only be gone for a few hours or more than that. :|

I highly doubt it would be anything like Anime Boston, which takes up the whole day for us.

I will also leave a notice on my twitter too in case anyone missed it or if someone from VO had some sort of question or something.

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