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Anti-Hate: BIG AL

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Suggestions CLOSED

Okay.  So yeah.


I am taking a short break of Anti-Hate posters.... I have exams next week and a school dance, I have no time to do any of it.  Forgive me ><

Kiyoteru's Link

But I didn't want this...

BIG AL is up next!

Back to an Engloid and PowerFX's second VOCALOID, BIG AL!  As for his model...

Um.... I haven't really found one.... help with that? ^^;

Common Negatives

I'm too tired for this... I'm sorry.  WIP

DeviantART Contributions

"His voice is hilarious, I can't even take him seriously!"  Need to twist this into more negative

"Croaky" - MissMeikaKuna

"His original design is GOD AWFUL"

"He's just an English Bruno" WAT

"He looks too much like CUL" <- wtf is this?!  - AquaKawwi

"He looks like some robot Frankenstein thing..."

"Big AL doesn't have any good art..." - Legolasgimli

Other Sources

"His breath files sound like farts/burps"

"He makes me feel uncomfortable"

"He sounds constipated"

Witnesses and Deadline

You know the drill.  What sort of negative things have you seen or heard about BIG AL?

Deadline is January 31st, Chinese New Year/Macne Nana's release date. 

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