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Anti-Hate: GUMI


I finished gathering those comments and I shall create the poster! :)

Megurine Luka's Link

Please, tell me you're lying...

GUMI's turn

Ah, the last of the Big 8 VOCALOIDs.... The pretty green VOCALOID

GUMI's Model

I think it's obvious I'm going with Mamama's GUMI

Common Negatives

"Her Extend makes her look like a whore!"

"She's taking the fame from other Internet Co loids!"

"She looks too much like Ranka!"

"GUMI's overrated!"

"It's all about GUMI, isn't it?  Attenion whore"

"She's a Megpoid, not a VOCALOID"

"She's a Fail-loid" Um.. .I'm confused with this... what makes her a fail loid?  I've seen this somewhere...

"She's copying Miku's color!"

"Pervert!" Referring to those MMD cups =3=


"She has the worst English of all Japanese-English loids"

DeviantART Contributions

"Lame color scheme!"

"Voice blends in too much"

"Voice is too plain"

"Stole Gakupo from KAITO/Luka"


"Her songs are boring"

"Only Miku can be green"

"Sounds like lame auto tune"

"Crypton is better than Internet Co!" - Aquakawwi

"She has too many love songs!" I think I might drop a Taylor Swift Reference here or something. XD

"Master of the Hellish Yard is suitable for hellish VOCALOID like her!" or something along these lines

"SHE ATE PEOPLE!  CANNIBAL!" Ideas from Filinterrorist, but not entirely formed into phrases (I may need to improve these...)

Help!  Deadline

I couldn't think of anything much for GUMI.... I dunno, a lot of fans like her, so it's hard to know. :/

Deadline is December 20th

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