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Anti-Hate: Hiyama Kiyoteru


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Pose Completed

I finished that posing during advisory. .3.

I feel like I'm putting less and less effort into the poses nowadays....

Kaai Yuki's Link

These words are mean...

Hiyama Kiyoteru is up next!

My favorite AH-Software VOCALOID...

As for his model.... by YM

Common Negatives

"He's KAITO's clone" TOO MANY OF THESE.  Seriously.  I mean, I mistaken his voice for KAITO when I first heard him, but calling him a CLONE is just.  No.  Don't.  >n>  I love them both, but they're different in their own ways.

"Pedophile" :I  


"Kiyoteru's always a uke" PFT, he may look it... but a lot of people draw him as the seme, not the uke.  He's seme to KAITO sometimes...

"He's not that manly" ...... so?  He's adorable :I

"A teacher?!  You've GOT to be kidding me!"

".... that's not a hot design"  Lol, go see his Ice Mountain version then.

"He looks like a goody two shoes" Lol, go watch more PVs then

"He can't hit low notes!"

"AH-Software shouldn't even have bothered with him"

"May as well be a Shion brother"

DeviantART Contributions

"Pedobear's sidekick" - ScarletDevilVocaloid <- This person is pretty awesome

"He hogs Yuki, Lily and VY2" 

"His voice is too high" - LegolasGimli

"He has a lisp!" - Pokski5  <- Long time no see~


"He steals KAITO and Gakupo!" 

"His hair is so plain!"

"I feel sorry for Yuki..."

"Too plain"

"Teachers?  UNCREATIVE!" - AquaKawwi

"KAITO with a brown wig and glasses"  Sadly, I've seen MANY MMD KAITO models recolored to Kiyoteru...

"Is that a boy or a girl?" referring to voice

"Just an average animu teacher"

"Daisuke Aoki, you're now a Vocaloid?"

"GAAAAAAAY" to voice - TrAtToGlIa 

Other Sources

From stamps, rants, anti-stuff, or even on the wiki itself.

"At least some of the others members of the band look cool and less boring than Kiyoteru the math teacher."

"Quit stealing Yuki from OLIVER, pedo!" or something along these lines

"He's a flop"

"Boring/Too normal"

Witnesses?  Deadline

....... Kiyoteru is my second favorite Japanese male.... so I don't like it when people judge his design...

As my Kiyoteru page says, "I can be seme if I wanted to" XD  Because there really are pictures of him being seme

Anywho, what negative comments have you seen or heard about Hiyama-sensei?

Deadline: January 17th

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