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Up Next: IA

And the most popular Japanese V3 goes to....


For all the kiddies and peeps who wanted an IA poster, well... she's coming up next. I'm gonna use the IA model by Mqdl. ;)

Common Negatives

Okay. I don't pay too much attention on IA. Pretty much everyone before Aoki Lapis, I don't have much of an opinion on besides "I like them"... because it's true, I find something to like about all VOCALOIDs. But let's see...

  • "Stealing attention from Miku" .... well... I've seen this a few times. And I don't find it surprising that this is said. If they're popular "they'll steal attention from Miku" apparently (See GUMI and Rin for the same examples)
  • "Nothing special"
  • "She's only popular because of the Kagerou Project" .... is that the right series? I don't pay much attention to that either. But I will agree she is recognizable for this, but I'm sure there's other things

"IA ROCKS doesn't look anything different!" Which is kind of true, she has some changes. I personally like it and I don't think she needed to change too much. Just to suit her new name and bank, yes? :)

And that's all I can basically think of from the top of my head.

DA Contributions

  • "Sounds like Luka"
  • "worst Vocaloid"
  • "overrated"
  • "Flat" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "SeeU is better!"
  • "Stealing attention from the other V3s!"
  • "Just an emotional complex." - LegolasGimli
  • "Look's like Lily !"
  • "Look's like Luka !"
  • "Luka is better than her !"
  • "Sound like older Lily ! "
  • "Yukari voice is better ! "
  • "Sound like Miku !" - lilykwiat
  • "Luka copycat!"
  • "Sounds like Merli"
  • "Merli sounds better"
  • "Stay away form VY2!"
  • "Stay away from Yukari!" - digorylarynith
  • "Luka and Miku's love child?"
  • "IA sucks because she has white hair."
  • "Miku and GUMI should kill her."
  • "IA and Miku only exist because of Kagerou Project." - CrystaltheCool
  • "Luka's wannabe"
  • "Luka's love child"
  • "Her voice is too old for her"
  • "Her voice does not match"
  • "She is like muted" (as in, blends in with instrumental) - RoseXinh
  • "IA ROCKS doesn't even sound different!"
  • "Looks like a female Piko!" (omfg, enough of these Piko comments.... *just about had it with YANHE and Lorra*)
  • "She outshines Miku in the Kagerou Project!"
  • "Her outfit is too much like Luo Tianyi's." (NOPE. STOP.) - Lanafan
  • "She sounds too much like Miku"
  • "Luka will always sound better"
  • "Miku V1 is better" *cringe*
  • "Her design is so plain..." Image--Nation
  • "Hair is impossible to define"
  • "Obsessed with Rapunzel" <- Might cut it. Seems a little absurd
  • "She took Yukari to the lesbian side!"
  • "That skirt can't get any shorter..." - Leontinees


Do I feel like researching? Hm. Maybe. I'm sure IA has some gold somewhere.

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you heard or seen about IA? Please, do NOT make up your own comments. It doesn't work that way. Otherwise, it would come off as outlandish and silly if it never happened. :/ Paraphrase if needed to (especially if the comment is really long) or cut down to the main points.

Deadline is whenever. If I keep putting it off, then I can definitely say I will work on it around September 25th. I have a week break following that Friday.

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