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Anti-Hate: Kaai Yuki

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Dunno when I'm going to start working on the text piece.... maybe if I have time in class. Or maybe at home...

It'll be a slow ride back due to snow....

Pose is completed

Yuki's pose is completed and has been edited.  Remember, deadline is January 10th

SF-A2 miki's Link

Stop judging me, please!

Kaai Yuki is up next!

Another AH-Software VOCALOID!  This time, it's the child VOCALOID, Yuki!  

The model I will be using is by Nakao

Common Negatives

"A child VOCALOID?!  That's so stupid!"

"She's not that cute!"

"She's just Kiyoteru's toy"

"She's hogging all the shotas!"

"Stay away from OLIVER!"

"She's so creepy"

DeviantART Contributions

"She looks like Dora the Explorer"

"Pedophilia victim" - Aquakawwi

"Her voice is so airy!"

"Her voice isn't cute!" - LegolasGimli

Witnesses?  And Deadline

What sort of negative comments have you seen or heard about Yuki?

Deadline: January 10th

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